Oftentimes, people question their purpose in life and why humans are here on Earth. And I can’t even blame them considering how people have asked this question since the dawn of humanity. There’s just so much to experience in life, so much ground to cover, and so many things to pursue that it baffles people as to why we’re here for it all. How did it all get here and how did we get here?

Well, sometimes I think people are asking the wrong questions. I understand that asking the question why has lead our species to discover so much of what is life. From scientific advancements to philosophical epiphanies, the word why is a powerful one that has lead to much of the evolution of our technology, sciences and medicines, and spiritual development.

Anyway, the reason I think it’s the wrong question to ask is because it doesn’t matter how we got here or why we are here so much as it matters to live the life given to us however we feel is appropriate. The reason why we’re here is to live how we want. We all answer our own whys and whats in our day-to-day life by choosing to live it how we please. One person’s answer to why is not the same as my own.

For example, some people think we’re here for a spiritual purpose or a religious reason. Others think we are here to make this planet a better one since we have the power to. And even others think we should be advancing our technology to ultimately colonize other planets, like Mars.

Myself? I’m pretty simplistic when it comes to these things. I feel my purpose is to pass on what I know and have experienced to my future kids. My purpose is to provide as best I can for them so that they can be a better, smarter, more interesting human than I was. And I hope they do the same for their children down the line.

One way I can help to make sure they are provided for and living the life I want them to live is through life insurance. By having life insurance, they are shielded from any sort of financial disaster that may occur in the wake of my death. It would allow them and their mother to go on comfortably and continue doing the things I always wanted for them.