New Year’s Resolution: Insurance

Oftentimes, we make a list of goals, or resolutions, when the new year rolls around. These are meant to get us on track to a healthier, better, more fulfilling life than our time was last year. Because we’re all meant to improve, to get better after reflecting, right? That’s sort of the goal.

So, a lot of these resolutions end up being things like lose weight, or put on muscle, or even to travel more. You know, the ones that end up on everyone’s list of resolutions.

Sometimes, though, you’ll see more unlikely items. People will put their career aspirations on their list. Or financial goals. Or to learn a new language. These are the uncommon goals that have more payoff if reached, but that’s the reason they’re rarer: they’re not as easy to attain.

But when does considering the long term (as in, past this new year and other new years down the road) become a part of our short term? What about the future of our finances? What about our kids that aren’t born yet? Why aren’t some of these things part of our lists of new year’s resolutions?

One that I think should be on everyone’s list (if they don’t have it yet) is life insurance.

Seems kind of out there to put this on your resolution’s list, right? Well, we don’t think so. Having this type of insurance set up poses a ton of positives you’ll have going for you.

To start, life insurance is much cheaper when you’re younger and healthier. So even if you’re not married yet or don’t have kids at the moment, it’s not a bad idea to be on a policy so that your rates will remain fixed for a long time. Rather than paying more in 5 years when you finally do have kids, why not pay less now so that you can save over time?

Additionally, having this insurance is absolutely great if you’re married. You don’t want to leave your spouse hurting even more if disaster hits. Having insurance will at least set them up for financial security if something were to happen.

So, rather than adding another small and useless goal to your list of resolutions that you likely will forget about in a month, why not put a checkbox on there to tick off once you purchase a policy for your life? You’ll be getting a lot more value out of that than most other resolutions.

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