Great Christmas Gifts

If you are struggling to come up with last minute gifts, it is time to start thinking about what is truly important for each of your loved ones. Some people like to get things for entertainment, others like to get things for practicality, and still others like to get things that can be viewed as investments. Use this holiday shopping guide to help finalize that last minute Christmas shopping.

This is a great year to spend some money and invest in a great entertainment system. Now, you can either choose to get the traditional entertainment system, like a cabinet that will hold the TV and speaker, or you can choose to grab a new gaming console, like the Xbox 1 or Nintendo Switch. Or you can double down and get both, and that way you have a new “entertainment” system, for your entertainment system! The new trend is to get a smaller game system like the Nintendo Switch. The trend in cabinets right now is something that is small, compact, and usually a solid neutral color like dark grey or black. No matter what you decide here, the Switch and the new cabinet will look great with that new 60” TV you just got.

If you are wanting more of a practical gift for someone, you could choose to gift some type of lesson, like piano or golf. This type of gift works well for your children or for a special niece or nephew who you know is trying hard to improve at something. What is great about these gifts is that the lessons can be spaced out for the next six to twelve months, so it is not just a one time that gets used right away. A practical gift could also be getting someone a bunch of plasticware and paper products. This is great for helping them get the house stocked and ready for all of those Christmas and New Year’s parties.

Christmas is also a great time to open a savings account for a child. There is something special about seeing a child’s eyes light up when you hand them their first check. Or, if you truly want to help care for their future, a life insurance policy. While a child may have trouble understanding this in the moment, the benefit of getting a small policy taken out on them could help tremendously in the future. For one, it is a truly a gift that keeps on giving, and two, they really do not have to even think about it. Life insurance will also give you the gift of having peace of mind if something terrible would ever happen to your child as well.

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