PGR Weed Problems and how to spot this 

Genetically modified foods are becoming more and more common. While you don’t hear about GMO weed per se, there are now different growth regulators being used alter the cannabis in a chemical fashion, and it can inflate the profits of this, at the result and expense of someone’s health. 

Plant growth regulators or PGR, do control the different parts of a plant’s growth, including fruits, the flowers and certain issues including roots and stems. The problem is that these are toxic when you eat them, let alone with smoking. It also doesn’t fit the right cannabinoids, trichomes, and terpenes, and it doesn’t even have THC in it, so you’re smoking something that doesn’t help, but creates health risks too. 

What PGR Weed Is

This is one that’s basically weed but has regulators for growth. It’s oftentimes purely synthetic to make weed that’s denser or stronger, and with nugs that are a bit bigger. 

This may seem like nothing, but the truth is, it can impact the THC development. It inflates the cannabinoids that are there and also the size of it, while also getting rid of the terpenes, trichomes, and cannabinoids which are beneficial. 

You’re basically going to spend money on cannabis that doesn’t actually provide a high o it, but you’re also risking the fact that you might have chemicals that humans shouldn’t be having. Lots of times. PGRs are also not used in crops which are food-based, and it’s actually only used in most cases for plants that are decorative. 

This is being used for the sole reason of black market growing, which has become popular since cannabis does sit in a gray area in terms of legality. This can be used to sell weed illegally that’s hyperinflated. Legal cannabis in contrast does not use this, and it actually is done based on certain regulations and don’t utilize PGRs.

How to Find the PGR Weed 

There are different characteristics that define this kind of weed, and it’s important to make sure that you know what these are. 

First, there are the hairs. Most cannabis has different hairs but PGR weed tends to have much more, and they grow a lot more of this rather than creating trichomes or the crystals that have THC to it. 

Speaking of crystals, PGR weed does not have any of this, since it stops the development of the trichomes, terpenes, and other cannabinoids that are in there. It also will not smell, due to the terpenes that are in this. Or lack thereof.  PGR weed definitely does not have the smell, which means you will not get high with it. 

The buds will also be heavy, dense and rock-hard, which is usually due to the pushing for growth. It also doesn’t feel good, but much weirder.  It may also be a bit spongy, almost we, simply because of the PGR that is in it. Finally, the weed will taste very chemical. Most of the time, you will get a taste that is very harsh and tastes only chemical. It also means that the high you’re getting is purely chemical, brief, and is going to leave you very fatigued. 

You can also notice it through the lack of terpenes and flavonoids, which offer a specific type of smell and taste to it.  It basically is not natural, is lifeless, and not appealing, and it can definitely be something to avoid. Try not to have PGR weed, as it’s dangerous, and not good for human consumption, and it’s better to just get the real thing than that sham. 

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